What Makes Duelz Casino Unique

What Makes Duelz Casino Unique

There’s a jungle of online casinos you can explore on your computer, phone, or tablet. But none of them offers the same game experience as Duelz. Read more about what the Duelz game experience is and what makes it unique below.

Duel for Treasure Chests

When you’ve created an account at Duelz using your mobile ID, you’ll get access to all the games they offer. But that’s not all – you’ll also get to meet other players and compete against them in duels. The unique aspect of this type of concept is that it combines the usual casino games available at other online casinos with duels reminiscent of games you might otherwise play on your phone or tablet. When you win a duel you rise a level and get to win new types of chests and play in different leagues.

The moment after you’ve registered you get a welcome chest consisting of different items you might need in your first duel. Then you just need to keep duelling and this way you can play a fun game completely free. But you’ll also have the choice to play regular casino games in which you can win money.

How the Duels Work

You can participate in your first duel as soon as you’ve registered. The duels last 10 minutes and you can influence the game the entire time. Whether you’re up to or down in the duel depends on your health points and spirit points. By keeping an eye on them and making sure both your health and spirit remain high, you improve your chances of winning the duel. You can manage your health points and spirit points by using different types of spells.


A spell is an item you can use to either improve your health and performance or damage the performance of your opponent. An easy way to make sure you win is having the most health points at the end of a duel. The more duels you win, the higher you can advance in the leagues.

The Contents of the Chests Influence the Game

The speed at which you advance in the leagues depends on how many duels you win. Each victory gives you a new chest containing more helpful items you can use in the next duel, making it easier to win. You can, for instance, win items which improve your health and your performance, or you can win items which damage your opponent. This makes the duels more interesting the longer you play and the more you win.

It’s generally easy to learn how the duels work and how to think in order to win them. The fact that they evolve during the game as you advance is also a great feature. If you like playing different types of mobile games, this is the right place for you.