Jackpots at Duelz Casino

Jackpots at Duelz Casino

Would you like to know more about which jackpots there are at Duelz Casino? Or are you already familiar with the concept and want to get tips of how you could win a jackpot? Then you should read this article. Here you can read more about both jackpots and how to win them.

Duelz Casino Jackpot

At Duelz Casino there are many great prizes to win. Both in all the games but also in the duels, which is a unique concept and they are the only one offering anything like it on the market. The jackpots available for you to take part in the different games work in the same manner as they do at most other casinos. It varies from game to game how easy or hard it is to win the jackpot, as well as how big or small the jackpot will be. Duelz Casino offers lots of different slot machines, which according to experts are the kind of casino games that guarantees the most jackpots. At least when you look at the statistics it is obvious that it is easier to get a jackpot on a slot machine than any other casino game.

The fact that you can both play a lot and duel at the same time at DuelzCcasino is a jackpot on its own. Other than that it is easy to navigate to the kind of casino game you want to play due to the layout and smart categories Duelz casino has created, such as Jackpot machines.

Examples of Duelz Casino Games Including a Jackpot

Here you can read about some of the games that offer huge jackpots and that are part of Duelz Casinos portfolio. So, if you want to score the jackpot today these are the games you should play. Other than having the thing in common that all three of them are part of Duelz Casinos portfolio, they can also be found in the slot machine category.

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah consists of a progressive jackpot and a number of smaller winnings. A progressive jackpot means that the jackpot doesn’t have a set value, it increases depending on how many people that are playing the game. For example, Mega Moolah has had a jackpot worth more than 10 million euro. The game takes place on the Savannah and consists of five wheels with three rows. The game belongs to the category video slots, meaning that it is a slot machine with a video function.

Mega Fortune

Another hugely popular game that can be found in Duelz Casino’s lobby is Mega Fortune. Mega Fortune has had a jackpot worth aprox. 2,8 million euros, which is quite large amount of money. Just as in Mega Moolah, the game has a layout with five wheels and three rows. But in Mega Fortunes, opposed to Mega Moolah, it is not until you enter the Mega Fortunes bonus game that you get the opportunity of raking in the huge jackpot. In order to play the bonus game, you must get three bonus symbols on your screen.

Hall of Gods

This example is another very popular game which can be found at many casinos. Hall of Gods has also a progressive jackpot, just as the previously mentioned games. At the time of writing this article, the jackpot is at around 7 million euros. Just like the other two games, this game also has five wheels and three rows. But, unlike Mega Fortune, Hall of Gods has twenty fixed winning lines. This means that the general rule of thumb is that if you are placing higher bets you increase your chances to win.